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The standing of Plaza's 40 year history is only part of its status; Plaza was established when a specialist in ladies clothing came to light, Mr VP Talwar. It is a family run business based at the heart of wholesale and export in Manchester, United Kingdom. It prides itself on wholesale, manufacturing, import and export of womenswear clothing.

Plaza Group is centre of a rapidly changing fast paced fashion industry; designing, importing and distributing ladies fashion to independents and major high street stores nationwide, internationally and stores with global presence. Garments are continuously being designed, produced and distributed keeping in line with the latest high-street cuts, trends and quality finishes. As distributers of ladies clothing – Plaza Group offers a range of services from import, export & wholesale of;

- Ladies Fashion Casual Wear

- Ladies Fashion Evening Wear

- High Fashion Dress Wear

- Plus Size Ladies Fashion (Sizes 14-32)

- Women’s Basic Casual/Dress Wear

In 2010, Plaza Group entered a new era; moving into their purpose built fashion Head Quarters "Om House."

Plaza prides itself on maintaining customer needs, building solid relationships and providing a service with trust and confidence. The Plaza Group have a reputation of working at the highest standards; using specialist knowledge and expertise to produce desirable ladies clothing merchandise season after season.

Global Network

The Global Network encompasses secondary and tertiary resources worldwide: from fabrics/textiles through to mainline production. The consistent liaison between designers, garment technologists, overseas manufacturers & quality control experts ensures confidence in meeting supply & demand. In summary: having excellent products at the precise price in-line with the latest market trends.

Plaza Group clients already feel at home, but now they can be at home or their office for that matter. Become a member today to view our latest wholesale collection(s), fashion news updates and exclusive membership services.


Plaza integrates a network of manufacturing resources; from import right through to their channel of distribution. A highly efficient team of specialists oversee design, manufacturing and distribution services.

Quality is a vital feature of the Plaza ethos: teams of quality control experts are situated alongside production teams to ensure excellence in every manufactured garment. At Plaza Group we manage our import & export centre to ensure product arrives at the right time, price with a precise quality finish. Our team of committed staff ensure our import and export runs seamlessly from final garment to customer orders.